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Bonded warehouse license enable us to import any material from anywhere in the world Duty
  free for re-export
Sourcing Knowledge & experience with Long term relationships with the Global leaders in Shoe
  components from Italy, Germany, Taiwan, India.
Machinery & Spares
  CIURLI S.r.l, Italy (Machinery & Spare Parts)CERIM,IRONFOX,ATOM,GOLDEN WHEEL
Moulds & Sole
  Technomac S.r.l , Italy (Sole Mould),Top Fondi S.r.l, Italy (Out Sole),Enkay Taiwan.
  Texon International, Germany (Insole Board) Lederfars ereverk Stoff GmbH, Germany (Counter) Anteres S.r.l, Italy (Counter) Forestali, S.r.l, Italy [Toe puff Sheet ] F. Lli Bartoli S.p a, Italy (Shank board) Baco Metallic Industry, India (Stee) Shank)
Welt & Lace
  Nouovo Stringhificio Salentino, Italy (Shoe Lace)Proter S.r.l, Italy (Welt)
Chemicals & TPR
  Kenda Farben S.p.a , Italy (Finishing Chemicals) Kezal-Mar S.r.l, Italy (Varnish] Essebi S.r.l , Italy [Rod Cement Polymide) ADB, Thailand (Adhesive& TPR) Chandra Chemical Industries, India. (Adhesive).
Thread & Linings
  Thread India Pvt. Ltd, India (Thread) Optima Footwear Company Ltd, Taiwan (Interlinings) Versatile, India
Price labels and Barcodes
  Checkpoint, Europe Avery Dennison, Europe James & Alice, Taiwan (Composition Labels)
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